Unreal Tutorial

Working with Polygonal Meshes(Obj/other) in Unreal Engine (50- 70 minutes)

Necessary Programs -- Unreal Engine 4, Blender (Skip-able)

  1. Install Unreal engine with either license, more reasonably Creator's since it more relates to educational projects, but either license gives you the software.

  2. Download/Find your pig chewing obj files from the other tutorials.

  3. Open Unreal Engine and import the Pig Chewing Obj assets. There will be some warnings that we willingly ignore.

    1. To import go to the content browser in the bottom of the screen, find the .obj pig files. Then ensure to check the skeletal mesh check box.

  4. Edit the model to fit within your screen and view able from other angles comfortably. Transform/Scale/Rotate

  5. Take your time to get used to the Scene navigation in Unreal engine, I find middle click and right click the best, but you might like something better.

  6. If you notice a large amount of dark spots on the model, this is where you can move to the intermediate steps.

  1. Intermediate--- (Skip-able) Open Blender, obj files won't go into Unreal as easily as a Unity implementation, but Blender is a good way to fix some of the triangles/normals.

    1. Import the obj files into blender

    2. Highlight both and export as FBX.

    3. Import the pig chewing as an FBX object.

  2. (Skip-able) https://www.raywenderlich.com/383-unreal-engine-4-animation-tutorial Now read or implement this small project to start animating, If you already know how to do it, you shaved another 25 minutes off.

  3. Apply what you learned about skeletal animation to make the pig mouth move up and down, personally I only got one direction to work. So feel free to add a better way!

Experimental Bonus Time:

  • Try the LIDAR plugin in the market place!

  • Report your machine statistics and whether or not it worked okay in here:

    • Giuse --- i7-7700HQ, MaxQGTX1060, 16GB RAM, took me 10 minutes to load all the shaders but importing was super easy and navigating was fairly smooth.