Carlos Perez-Ruiz

Week 1

    • Not in class

Week 2

  • 1/30 - 4 hours

    • Installed ParaView on computer

    • Read through Wiki

    • Brainstormed project ideas

  • 2/01 - 4 hours

    • Narrowed down project ideas to Space data, Climate data, or game engine integration with YURT

    • Downloaded and researched OpenSpace, VisIt, LibGDX, and Unreal

Week 3

  • 2/03 - 2 hours

    • Setup CCV account

    • Started looking into Project timeline and deliverables

  • 2/05 - 6 hours

    • Narrowed project idea to using LibGDX to display a build of a 3D terrain with data vis on top

    • Defined deliverables and activities of the project

    • Deliverable and activities would be to document the open source of libGDX and it's VR extension, while attempting to use minVR to port it over to the YURT, along with showcasing a few demo games built off of libGDX

  • Project Evaluation by Loudon

    • The proposed project clearly identifies deliverable additions to our VR Software Wiki: 5

    • The proposed project involves previously unavailable Yurt data visualization functionality: 5

    • The proposed project involves large data visualization along the lines of the "Data Types" wiki page and identifies the specific data and software that it will use: 3

    • The proposed project has a realistic schedule with explicit and measurable milestones at least each week and mostly every class: 4

    • The proposed project includes an in-class activity: 5

    • The proposed project has resources available with sufficient documentation: 5

  • Carlos Project Evaluation by David 02/07/20

    • I'm not seeing a project described (and am having trouble reconciling that with Loudon's evaluation...).

Carlos Project Evaluation by Giuse 2//8/20

Noted that there were plans to update...

Week 4 (tentative plan)

  • include more about project details in this page (what are my current activities / deliverables)

  • start unpacking source code of libGDX and document my findings