Quest 2 Practice Tutorial

Requirements: an Oculus Quest 2 headset, a (possibly remote) computer running Windows 10

Estimated time: 1.5 hours


In the tutorial, you will get familiar with your Quest 2 headset, its controls, and the process of running SteamVR on your headset. Note that this tutorial assumed that you've already completed the Oculus Quest 2 Setup Guide.

  1. Getting Comfortable with Your Headset

Complete the First Steps tutorial provided by Oculus. This tutorial comes pre-installed on your headset, and can be started by going to Apps and selecting the application titled First Steps.

2. Running Google Earth VR

In this portion of the tutorial, you'll run Google Earth VR on your headset. Since Google Earth VR is a SteamVR game, you'll need to connect your headset to a Windows computer to run the application, which can be done using one of the methods outlined in the Quest 2 Setup Guide. To download and launch Google Earth VR, perform the following steps:

  1. On your Windows computer, download Google Earth VR on Steam.

  2. Once downloaded, connect your headset to your Windows computer using either virtual desktop or Oculus Link.

  3. Then, use Steam to run Google Earth VR and put on your headset.


While using Google Earth VR, complete the following objectives:

  • Visit at three distinct landmarks: the house and neighborhood you grew up in, a dorm / apartment / house you have lived in at Brown, and one place that's significant to you but not famous. Screen capture each landmark using the Oculus screen capture feature and add the pictures to your journal; click here for instructions on how to transfer images from your Quest headset to your computer.

  • Feel free to play around, as well. Google Earth is one of the coolest VR apps (in David's humble opinion :-). By default, it limits how close you can get to the ground -- try turning that off, if you like.

Common Issues:

  • If you take of your headset, Virtual Desktop may exit VR mode. To fix this, open the Virtual Desktop menu and click enter VR Mode.