Aakansha's Second In-Class Activity

In-class activity groups

For my in-class activity, I am able to get access for one member of the group. Hence, please take turn to use the software. The ones in bold have received the software invite. You need to click on the invite and accept the application. Then, search for 'D6 VR' on the Oculus store and download it. The groups are as follows:

  1. David, Ross

  2. Aakansha, Tongyu

  3. Eliza, Robert, Shashidhar

  4. Mandy, Cheyenne, Maia

  5. Lucia, Alistair, Nick

  6. Beatrice, Jacobi

  7. Amanda, Paul

  8. Sayan, Jennifer

We will visualize the US states data together and conduct scientific discussion

Google Form

You have used Immersion Analytics, Virtualitics and D6 VR. Remember your experience with each software and fill out the survey here