Amanda Levy's Initial Project Plan


Project Plan

  • Identify research questions that interest me (20 minutes)

  • Read to ensure that I don’t have too much overlap (1 hour)

  • Download Virtualitics (30 minutes)

  • Watch Virtualitics tutorials to learn how to use the software and the best data analysis approaches (1 hour)

  • Understand the data set and think about what inputs and outputs I want from my data analysis (2 hours)

  • Export the data from Kraggle source to Virtualitics (2 hours)

  • Complete analysis for each research question and save graphs and charts for each research question in an organized manner (about 30 hours in total)

  • Create different museum wings to showcase the different graphs and charts for each research question (5 - 10 hours)

  • Plan and execute the class activity by having pairs of two explore an area of the world and how the percentage change in women competitors changed over time. Each pair should identify the most interesting time period development or country development and share it with the class. The takeaway from this collaboration is that the charts and graphs that highlight this information will be collected and displayed again in a special exhibit room that is meant to spark discussion after all of the museum’s graphs have been viewed. (1 hour to plan + 1 hour to complete)



  • Virtualitics is downloaded and I understand how to use the software with the dataset


  • the data set is exported from Kraggle to Virtualitics


  • analysis for first research question is completed


  • analysis for the second research question is completed


  • analysis for the third research question is completed


  • example implementation of a museum presentation by placing research in museum wings on Virtualitics


  • special exhibit in the museum that feature collaboration takeaways from class activity

Research Questions

  • How has the percentage of women competitors changed over the years?

  • What is this percentage change over the years broken down by area of the world and then, even more zoomed in, by country?

  • How has the percentage change evolved for each sport?