Amanda Levy's Project 1 Scrap Paper

  • first step: file --> load dataset

  • when on the dataset preview screen, click the "LOAD" button and then the "SHOW" button

  • Original Histogram

    • on the x-axis: year; on the y-axis: sex with the filter set to only F; color by: Team; group by: Team

    • change angle of view for the histogram by dragging with two fingers

    • plot settings --> number of bins: x = 120

    • issues with this: teams is not a consolidated category; not uniformed naming system but this is addressed with the NOC category

  • a beneficial feature of Virtualitics is that the "Other" category can be toggled off to focus analysis on categories with the largest impact

  • NOCs that I am analyzing individually: USA, FRA, GBR, ITA, GER, CAN, JPN, SWE, AUS, HUN, POL, SUI, NED, URS, FIN

  • realized that easiest to visualize and differentiate between axis categories when "Color By" is not "Sex" but instead "Sport" and the filter is "Sex" so that the height is not the total number of participants but the total number of female participants (because it is hard to quantify the ratio between males and females through just the color-coded differentiation and the same colors row after row is visually overwhelming)

  • save and then close project and load dataset (or recent dataset and click original data) whenever you want to save a separate version of a graph; you know that you haven't closed it properly if when you go to save it, it just saves and doesn't ask for you to name the project

  • can further explore or fix whether "Group By Sex" when I noted it is not needed is truly unnecessary

X: Sex; Y: Season; Z: Year; Color: NOC

Number of Bins:

X: 2; Y: 2; Z: 120

Purpose: compare the growth of female versus male participants over the years and between the winter and summer olympics

X: Year; Z: Season; Color By: Sex

Number of Bins:

X: 120; Y: 1; Z: 2

Purpose: See the overall progression of female participation in relation to the male participation and overall participation numbers. Additionally, to compare this between summer and winter olympics.

X: Year; Z: Season; Color By: Sport; (unnesscary -- Group By: Sex); Filter By Sex

X: Year; Z: NOC; Color By: Sports; Group By (not needed) and Filter By: Sex;

Number of Bins:

X: 120; Y: 1; Z: 230

X: Year; Z: NOC; Color By: NOC ; Group By (not needed) and Filter By: Sex; Number of Bins:

X: 120; Y: 1; Z: 230

other NOC is toggled off