Women in the Olympics Class Activity

Download Instructions

  1. Go to https://accounts.virtualitics.com/

  2. Sign in using your account email address and password

  3. On the left side menu, navigate to the Downloads section

  4. Click the "Download Virtualitics for Windows" button and follow the computer's installation instructions

  5. Once Virtualitics is downloaded, sign into the desktop application using the same email address and password as above.

  6. Download this folder from Google Drive https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1x-C5aqUte1GcioXhJ2PcRBS5mv5BBB6D?usp=sharing

  7. You are all set for the class activity! Don't play around too much before class because everyone is using the same account, so we want everyone to start from the same visualizations.

Class Activity With a Lack of Licenses

  1. Set up the computer with the license to have the desktop Virtualitics application running.

  2. Go to https://accounts.virtualitics.com/. Sign in and go to "My Account" from the left side menu. Click "Generate" for the Oculus Quest Code. (See below screenshots for help)

  3. Go to the Oculus app on your phone. Go to the "Menu" tab. Click "Settings" --> "Account Settings" --> "Redeem Store Code" --> [enter the Oculus Quest code you generated] (See below screenshots from help)

  4. Power up your headset. Go to library. Click on the Virtualitics Oculus app to download.

  5. Open the Virtualitics application

  6. “File” → “Load Project” → Go to wherever you downloaded Women in the Olympics Project folder → Question 1- overall participation color-coded by sex → click and open “How has overall gender participation changed over the years between the NOCs”

  7. On the desktop: To move the graph, click on the grey space and drag. To rotate the graph, click with two fingers and spin the model. To examine a specific bin, click on the bin on the desktop before switching to VR mode by clicking the "VR" button. (See below screenshots for visual)

  8. To view on VR:

    1. Run Virtual Desktop on the Oculus Quest 2. Open SteamVR.

    2. On the desktop Virtualitics application, click the VR button in the upper right corner.

    3. Put on your headset and follow the below controls to navigate the environment.

    4. See screenshots below for how the environment will look.

  9. Do not change the composition of the graphs. Take notes on the “Takeaways for Women in the Olympics Data” wiki page.

  10. When you have finished analyze the data, go to File → Close Project

  11. Repeat for each .vip file in the Women in the Olympics Project Folder

Have the main presenter setup the graphs and bins on the desktop, and for each research question, pass the VR headset to a new student.

Tips for Success:

  • it is best to identify on the desktop what entries you want to examine closer and then select that bin on the desktop before clicking to enter VR

  • the controls are not accurately calibrated on the VR application, so besides moving the diagram and zooming in and out, it is best to do all other operations on the desktop