Beatrice's In Class Activity - Piano Visualizer


NOTE: All this is done on your personal local device and not on paperspace.

  1. Download this .apk file for the piano visualizer

  2. Download SideQuest (or similar sideloading tools) and import the .apk file you downloaded above into your headset. You can follow this tutorial if needed. Note that you will need your oculus to be connected to your computer with your charging cord.

You can find the Piano Visualizer app now on your headset under Apps -> Unknown Sources -> Piano Visualizer


When you enter the app, you will see menu buttons attached to your left controller. The teal buttons are loading buttons for different pieces.

Use your right controller's trigger to select different options.

By default, Golliwog's Cakewalk is loaded to play. Press the Play/Pause button to begin playback, and select any of the teal buttons to change the piece.

You can also move around using your left joystick.

Action item:

Pause in the middle of a piece and take a screenshot of you pointing to the loudest note shown + post it on the board! Also write what features you would like to see added.