Beatrice's Project Proposal

Exploring VR Tools to aid Historical Artifact Archiving

3D scanning has enabled artifact analysis and archiving to be done in a digital format, which can be convenient for fragile objects and helpful for remote collaboration. This project explores VR tools to visualize those 3D models.

This is broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Comparing existing VR model editing/masking tools

  2. Aligning 2 models using feature matching

  3. Displaying the models in a collaborative space with interactive map elements and scalable objects

This tool is primarily to be used by those collecting 3D scans of objects. This will explore whether VR tools give more precise edits and an easier interface to interact with the objects.


Project Timeline:

2/17 - have 3D scans (obtained using Polycam app) to test masking tools (UNH's Vr Point Cloud Editor Application, Verto Studio VR, Kodon, Shapelab)

2/22 - Deliverables: pages in wiki on VR 3D model editing software + written comparison. Written tutorial for software found most helpful

3/01 - continue implementing feature matching software using VRTK in Unity (example paper here)

3/01 - Class Activity: follow masking software tutorial

3/03 - user able to identify matching points across 2 models in VR

3/08 - models align using user information

3/10 - complete project