Beatrice's Project Proposal

VR Reactive Piano Visualizer

As a piano teacher, I have noticed that a lot of my beginning students enjoy using YouTube reactive piano visualizers to learn pieces. While these can visually help them learn the notes, the visualizations don't share any other information. Dynamics - how loud or soft you play something - is an important part of shaping a piano piece. A VR reactive piano visualizer that gives height to these 2d keys is a visual way of demonstrating volume to students.

This project's Wiki deliverables will be:

  • adding to audio visualization pages

  • creating a page on visualizing midi data in unity

  • creating a page on VR in education

  • add to page on VR in the performing arts

Software features:

  • MIDI piano playback visualizer with the third axis coming out of the piano representing volume

  • Collaborative viewing space - teacher + a student can

    • pause and rewind

    • annotate

    • change point of view (3D view, spectrum view, 2D view)



4/05 - VR in education deliverable

4/07 - Audio visualization and VR in the performing arts pages updated

4/12 - Piano model created in Unity

4/14 - MIDI visualized in 2D on piano

4/19 - MIDI visualized in 3D on piano

4/21 - upcoming notes visualized behind the piano

4/26 - implemented view switching and pause/rewind/fast forward buttons

4/28 - multiple users in same room, one user can control pause/play/rewind

5/03 - class activity : all users in one room listening/viewing visualizer

5/05 - presentation, takeaways