Chey's Journal


Project 1 Proposal

Presentation for Project 1 Proposal

End Presentation for Project 1 <ADD LINK>

Project 2 Proposal <ADD LINK>

Presentation for Project 2 Proposal <ADD LINK>

Poster <ADD LINK>

In-class Activity <ADD LINK>

Public Demo <ADD LINK>


CONTRIBUTION 1 [10 minutes] - added table of contents 2022 Quest 2 Setup Guide

CONTRIBUTION 2 [(TODO) 30 minutes]- add interesting article on the use of VR in education + assessment of earthquake safety, to the Applications of VR page <ADD LINK>

CONTRIBUTION 3 [(TODO)]- add the databases I found for geospatial and topographical data to the wiki scientific data page<ADD LINK>

CONTRIBUTION 4 [(TODO)]- add page to the VR modeling softwares page for VRGS: Virtual Reality Geological Studio <ADD LINK> * still waiting to obtain more information through a trial of the software

Chey's notes


~10 minutes

  • change edit link into button at top of the page (or take it off because it's already available on any page from the bottom right button) and apply user-sensitive ability to edit, so that only course students can edit

  • fix broken links (found some strewn across various pages)

  • add table of contents w/ links for the sections of the Quest 2 setup guide

~1 hour

  • restyle the templates page

  • add links to the 'APPLICATIONS OF VR' subpages + organize

  • organize the VR resources by some stat

~10 hours

  • alter the 'VR Visualization Software' to be more integrated amongst its subpages/links/diagrams + research/add to the diagrams for all of the software on the page

  • alter the 'Data, Examples, and Collaborators' page for visually easier scouring (ex: large block button links that give overview + pic when relevant)

  • Course Timeline and Homework - integrate in an interactive timeline/calendar, where it should automatically adjust to focus on the week


Total: 27 hours

HOURS journal

1/30/22 - 4 Hours

  • 1hr - setup (Slack, Journal page, 2020 wiki change suggestions + 1 10min change implementation)

  • 1hr - Read background paper 'Investigating Social Presence and Communication with Embodied Avatars in Room-Scale Virtual Reality'

  • 30min - Read background paper 'GalVR: A Novel Collaboration Interface using GVS'

  • 30min - Read background paper 'Towards seamless interaction between physical and virtual locations for asymmetric collaboration'

  • 1hr - research on datasets + any interesting sets to use and visualize

  • tried to see if we could implement automatic hr counting, but too limited with the base google website amenities

2/1/22 - 1 Hour

  • set up and fiddled around in the Oculus space

2/2/22 - 1 Hour

  • searched for datasets - tide cycles, sleep apnea/mouthbreathing but struggling to find concrete datasets/scientists

2/3/22 - 3 Hours

  • troubleshooting setting up virtual environment: Paperspace isn't allowing me to setup/sign in

  • more proposal searching

  • (1hr) completed Oculus setup

2/6/22 - 1 Hour

  • skimmed many research articles trying to find relevant data and new questions for my project proposals (sleep apnea mainly)

2/7/22 - 2 Hours

  • similar to yesterday - looked at studies but this time mainly on hookworm and immmunology in the US

2/8/22 - 3 Hours

  • adding actions to project proposals (struggling to come up with collaboration activities relevant to the class)

  • potential deliverables (notes, bottom of notes pg)

  • brainstorming evaluation of software metrics (notes, bottom of notes pg)

  • (1hr) completed Course Set Up + DinoVR tutorial

house I grew up in (aerial)

house I grew up in (street)

somewhere I've lived in Brown

a place significant to me

2/10/22 - 2 Hours

  • 2 hrs - finalizing a project plan for peer review

2/14/22 - 3 Hours

  • found many potential datasets for past tidal data/prediction from the NOAA, as well as seismic and microseismic databases (eventually need to link these to the wiki)

  • also topographical data that may be useful in creating a visual diagram

2/16/22 - 5 Hours

  • potential datasets available, but reached a point where I wasn't sure if I should look for data to fit software, or software to fit data - I attempted to do a little of both

  • researched for+tried to set up trial accounts for potential visualization softwares to use, such as ARCGis, VRGS for geographical modeling, Paraview, point cloud visualization plugins for Unity; I intend to add pages to the wiki for some of these these

  • read insightful article on the use of VR to assess and educate on indoor earthquake safety

2/17/22 - 2 Hours

  • updated my journal with proposal, proposal presentation, correcting dates and hours log, adding wiki contributions to complete