Project 1 Proposal

There's no doubt that lunar tide cycles are related with seismic events such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; however, a challenging aspect of researching this data is the small scale of its measurements and the un-intuitiveness of the correlation between tide levels and high level eruption points. In my project I intend to use VR to better visualize seismic data and how tidal triggerings seem to affect it. This requires data from a specific area of interest for a seismic landmark over a specific period of time (such as a specific volcano or earthquake point's data from a 30-day time period), as well as tidal data from the same area and timeframe. I hope to be able to compare both datasets in a visually-intuitive 3d space and actually be able to clearly recognize points of eruption; if successful, this could be a class activity to collaboratively analyze a past timeframe between the data to locate a seismic time of interest.. Although perhaps not in the scope of this project, this idea eventually could be extended to implement a predictive tool in using tidal predictions to predict occurrences of seismic events.