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Assignment 1: 9 Proposed Changes to the Wiki Page

10 Min Changes:

  • Add missing alt tags to images used on the site to make it more accessibile to users that use screen readers.

I used a cool little tool called WAVE Accessibility to see if there where any areas in which the site could improve its accessibility. This is how I discovered that some images (5 images to be exact) on the site still require the use of alt tags.

  • Add a few images to the “History of Digital Realities” page.

I feel that this page would be more welcoming and interesting to readers if we could see images of the early digital reality devices mentioned in the text. I would also suggest that we some pictures of current VR tech so readers can at a quick glance see the progression of VR tech over time.

  • Fix tables on the VR Visualization Software page.

Quick little fix to format the tables to have the same font size and fix some spacing issues with the headings. I would also like to include dates on when the data in the tables was collected especially for the “Time Taken to Complete Tasks” table since this data can vary year to year as computers become faster and software is optimized.

1 Hour Changes:

  • Incorporate a date heading on every wiki page similar to the one on the main home page or a warning banner (for older versions of the site).

When viewing older versions of the VR site/wiki I found myself questioning if I was on this semesters wiki or a pervious year especailly when I had multiple tabs opened. It would be helpful to have a date on the title page headings to distinguish older versions of the site since they all seem to have the same format and UI/design. This could also be solved by adding a little warning banner that tells the user they are viewing an old version of the wiki.

  • Add promotional videos of the YURT and Cave to the VR@Brown Page

The VR@Brown page includes cool data which illustrates that many students don’t know what the YURT and Cave are. I really enjoyed seeing the YURT video in class and think adding a similar video of the YURT/Cave (including descriptions of each) would make this data more meaningful to students viewing it since they most likely don’t know what the YURT/Cave looks like!

  • Add VR market data

Add a little article with research showing the market cap of VR technology, some prognosis of how large the VR market will grow in the future, and other relevant data that is readily available.

10 Hour Changes:

  • Replace the WebVR information with a new wiki page on the WebXR Device API

I notice the “Intro to WebVR” button on the homepage doesn’t link to anything. After a little research I learned that WebVR is actually a deprecated technology that has been replaced by the WebXR Device API. It would suggest that the WebVR button be replaced by a WebXR Device API button with an accompanied wiki page explaining this newer technology.

  • Additions to the VR Education, VR Social Media, and VR Performing arts sections dealing with Web 3.0 and the blockchains influence in these areas.

I noticed sections in the wiki about the impact VR will have on education, social media, and the performing arts but didn’t find much information on the influence Web 3.0 will have on VR. For instance, how will VR influence the viewing of NFTs, or how will VR be used in conjunction with blockchain technology to have user owned and verified virtual items such as avatar skins, virtual real-estate and much more!

  • Create a section for VR Hardware Accessories

I think it would be cool to feature some VR accessories that make entering virtual enviroments more realistic for users. Some cool accessories I found included walking platforms and haptic vests.


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