Reflections on Projects 1 and 2

  • Collaboration is fun, but its unclear how much productivity it adds

    • the activities that we looked at so far were all about playing around with drawings

    • I guess they do improve the speed in which tools for a particular software are learned, which does in turn make it faster to get useful information out of a dataset. But a better way to learn how effective collaboration is is to test it against a software that people are already used to, rather than a new one they are learning on the spot.

  • Bar charts are not that effective for VR visualizations

  • the best visualization in VR I've experienced so far was the dinosaur claw--why? because it allowed me to experience something new, something that I couldn't do in 2D (due to size appearance, and motion and 3D)

  • bar charts and basic visualizations I feel are not that effective, and based on the form results the class seems as well

  • Web VR, easy accessible, but the lack of in depth features really makes a difference--its difficult to do anything productive right now except visualizing 3d models

    • the difference in performance between desktop web and desktop native applications is much smaller than the difference between VR web and VR native applications (especially on a higher engine like paperspace)

      • could be due to the fact that all the rendering is done on the client, and none on the server

    • shows that there is much progress to be made

Reflections About This Course

This course was pretty challenging for me. I am used to having a curriculum, and since this course was so independent, it was very self-driven, and so it requires an extra step of planning what you are gonna do, not just doing it (like most classes). What I learned is that creating your own curriculum and presentations requires a lot of self-confidence, because you have to trust that you are making the right decisions, and you have to try not to overthink things, since that will takeaway valuable time from contributing to the course.

Looking back at it, I do really like the fact that this course is so self-driven, since it forced me to grow as a person, and I'm definitely glad that I took it.

Additionally, I learned about data visualization, which is something that I didn't even understand before taking this course. Plus, VR is pretty cool, and I like that this course gave me the opportunity to try it out!

That being said, I still don't know a lo about different data types or data visualizations, and I feel like more than anything else the most helpful background knowledge for this course is for different types of datasets and knowledge about data in general.

Also Google Sites not saving is SUPER annoying and it happens almost every time.