Project 1 Proposal


  • “The design of the HRC system includes layout design evaluation, task scenario analysis, robot programming, cycle time calculations, and safety analysis. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies provide immersive experiences to visualize and analyze these procedures.”

  • To verify solutions before implementing them in a robot, roboticists and developers need an experimentation platform that accurately mimics the real-world environment as well as the robot’s physical interactions with that environment.

Project Overview

One sentence summary: visualize the motion of a pick and place robotic arm used for manufacturing in UnityVR


  • Convert existent Unity robot model into VR project

  • Visualize the robotic arm in motion of picking/placing an object

  • Objects can be generated at specific coordinates through input fields

  • Configure objects for basic grabbable interactivity in VR

  • Implement locomotion so that users can move around the scene

  • Set up Unity project on SteamVR

Reach goals:

  • Add activation events to start and stop robot motion

  • Add more complex and direct interactivity between the user and robot (such as controlling and moving the robotic arm to teach)


  • 2/15

    • Become familiar with Unity UI and VR and go through tutorials

    • Research existent solutions in VR and document findings on the wiki

    • Develop and evaluate project plan

  • 2/17

    • Continue researching and contributing to the wiki

    • Continue working through / complete modules in the Unity VR tutorials

  • 2/22

    • Convert existent Unity model into VR project (adding appropriate packages for compatibility and debugging)

    • Set up project on SteamVR

  • 3/01

    • Configure objects for basic grabbable interactivity in VR

    • Ensure objects can be generated at specific coordinates through input fields

  • 3/03

    • Ensure that the robotic arm demonstrates expected behavior, picking up the object

    • Debug if necessary

  • 3/08

    • Implement locomotion so that users can move around the scene

  • 3/10

    • Ensure in class activity runs smoothly and collect results in simulation

    • Testing / debugging

In-Class Activity (3/15)


  • Users are able to input coordinate locations for an object that the robotic arm will pick up

  • Users are able to see the robotic arm move to pick up the object


  • Users are able to grab and drop the object for the robotic arm to pick up

  • Users can move the robotic arm to
    “teach” a desired motion/procedure for picking up the object

Wiki Contributions

  • Add section on Human-Robot Collaboration under the Applications of VR

    • Overview on HRC

    • Evaluate existent AR/VR solutions (from both personal experience and research papers)

      • Different approaches towards designing a VR/AR interface that corresponds to various applications, sensors, and robot types

    • Challenges of VR/AR solutions in HRC

    • Future direction of the field

Self-Evaluation of Project Proposal

Below are a set of questions that should help in evaluating project ideas. Answer each with one of:

          1. strongly disagree

          2. disagree

          3. neither agree nor disagree

          4. agree

          5. strongly agree

The questions are:

  • The proposed project clearly identifies deliverable additions to our VR Software Wiki

    • 5 - I'll be exploring the applications of VR in the field of Human-robot collaboration especially in an industrial setting

  • The proposed project involves collaboration in VR

    • 4 - the collaboration is between humans and the robot rather than users

  • The proposed project involves large scientific data visualization along the lines of the "Scientific Data" wiki page and identifies the specific data type and software that it will use

    • 4 - I'll be visualizing the 3D vector field data using Unity

  • The proposed project has a realistic schedule with explicit and measurable milestones at least each week and mostly every class

    • 4 - I think its pretty realistic though I'm worried about running into roadblocks in capturing the coordinates of the object the user has moved

  • The proposed project includes an in-class activity

    • 5 - see above

  • The proposed project has resources available with sufficient documentation

    • 4 - there are Unity tutorials on its VR capabilities that I'm going through