Project 2 Proposal


  • One user is able to draw a picture in virtual reality

    • Draw by the user is rendered in 3D

    • Reach: use handtracking to draw

  • Other users are able to see the drawing in virtual reality

    • Reach: picture is drawn and displayed in real-time

  • Other users are able to participate and submit their guesses

    • Users can type in their guesses to input fields through a keyboard interface

    • Reach: Users can utilize voice commands/inputs to participate in game

Timeline / Milestones

Week 11 - Drawing functionality is set up in Unity

Week 12 - NormCore is integrated to allow for multi-users

Week 13 - The drawing is synchronized using NormCore

Week 14 - UI is created for user participation in submitting guesses

Wiki Contributions

  • Tutorial on creating a white board and adding drawing functionality in Unity

  • Tutorial on synchronizing the state of a VR app using NormCore

  • Review on NormCore as a collaboration tool among multiple users