Lucia Tian's Journal

VR Poster.pdf
Flash talk slides

Flash talk slides (see above)

Final poster (see above)


Project 1 Proposal: Exploring the Barcelona Pavilion

Presentation for Project 1 Proposal

Project 1 Progress Update

In Class Activity

Final Presentation

  • deliverable additions to our VR Software Wiki

    • Architecture VR page including brief overview, papers, basic software comparisons

    • Add to VR(3D) Modeling Datatypes page

  • collaboration in VR

    • paths of previous visitors recorded on floor

    • or allow two people to explore building at once

  • large scientific data visualization along the lines of the "Scientific Data" wiki page and identifies the specific data type and software that it will use

    • Polygonal model data of Barcelona Pavilion

  • realistic schedule with explicit and measurable milestones at least each week and mostly every class

    • 2/15: project proposal and plan

    • 2/17: presentation

    • 2/24: file and model obtained, journal articles and background added to wiki

    • 3/01: model can be seen in Unity

    • 3/03: navigation possible in VR

    • 3/08: in class activity

    • 3/10: possible to have two people navigate/trails left by previous visitors

  • in-class activity

    • trying to find places marked in plans on 3d model versus VR

  • resources available with sufficient documentation

  • Evaluation:

    • The proposed project clearly identifies deliverable additions to our VR Software Wiki: 5

    • The proposed project involves collaboration in VR: 4

    • The proposed project involves large scientific data visualization along the lines of the "Scientific Data" wiki page and identifies the specific data type and software that it will use: 4

    • The proposed project has a realistic schedule with explicit and measurable milestones at least each week and mostly every class: 4

    • The proposed project includes an in-class activity: 5

    • The proposed project has resources available with sufficient documentation: 4

Project 2 Proposal:

Presentation for Project 2 Proposal

Project 2 Update

In Class Activity

Final Presentation/Poster


    1. Madrasa al-Jaqmaqiya, Syria muqaranas

    2. Jamia Masjid Khudabad, Pakistan muqarnas and squinch

    3. Masjid Wazir Khan, Pakistan muqarnas

    4. Great Mosque, Tanzania squinch

    5. Sixty Dome Mosque, Bangladesh squinch

Project Plan:

  • 4/05-architecture wiki page updated

  • 4/07-point cloud data obtained

  • 4/12-potential software identified

  • 4/14-potential software to compare downloaded

  • 4/19-potential software tutorials completed

  • 4/21-software development tutorials completed

  • 4/26-walkable floor plates added to sample model

  • 4/28-in class activity developed

  • 5/03-software comparison wiki pages completed

  • 5/05-reflections wiki pages completed

Journal articles

Point Cloud Data from:

In class activity: Comparing web and desktop point cloud modelers to VR


Potential contributions (Week 1 HW)

  • Three changes ~10 minutes to complete

    • reformat What is VR for pages to be more consistent and reader friendly

    • check and fix links in What is VR for page (Executed): I removed the first link in VR for psychology since it said page not found and lead me to a porn site, added missing hyperlinks visible in contents but not front page, added missing hyperlinks for vr in education

    • add missing pages and organize VR Visualization software home page

  • Three changes ~1 hour to complete:

    • flesh out VR at Brown page

    • combine/condense/clarify Applications of VR and What is VR for pages (some overlap right now)

    • there are so many VR Visualization pages in the menu page, organize and rework so it is less frustrating to navigate

  • Final three changes ~10 hour to complete:

    • adding info/tutorial about Rhino 3D for modeling VR

    • add more comparison charts between different visualization software and different modeling software

    • add VR in architecture page with relevant literature


CONTRIBUTION 1 [fixed linked details above on What is VR page and VR in psychology, added VENlab link] and

CONTRIBUTION 2 [fixing links to Unity tutorials]

CONTRIBUTION 3 [architecture in VR page]

CONTRIBUTION 4 [architecture VR software comparison]

CONTRIBUTION 5: [first in class activity, how to set up sentio VR and web sketchup viewer]

CONTRIBUTION 6: [Rhino3D VR pages editing] and

CONTRIBUTION 7: [point cloud VR in class activity Potree]

CONTRIBUTION 8: [cybersickness pages editing] and

CONTRIBUTION 9: [Potree overview and analysis, linking pages to it] and

TODO suggestions:

It would be nice to have a tutorial on how you acquired your data as well as what types of data work for Sentio and how easy it was to navigate Sentio. - Mandy and Jennifer

I think it would be really interesting to have a wiki page documenting how you recommend navigating this software if you often experience motion sickness in VR (just because you highlighted it as an important consideration in your google form) - Amanda

^There is a page on VR and motion sickness so you could add your survey results to that — Jakobi

Your “takehomes” slide had some great topics – maybe ensure all were captured in the wiki.

Maybe add a section with a brief comparisons/ pros vs cons for Sketchfab and VR Sketch with Sentio VR -Robert

I would love to see more in-depth comparisons between desktop vs VR navigation controls specifically – we didn’t necessarily do this in class but in your experience, how was desktop with mouse vs. VR controllers? - Tongyu

You could add the user survey onto your wiki so that others can evaluate the software before using it. You could add SketchFab to the wiki and also mention why it didnt work for you - Aakansha Mathur

I would like to see some more detailed documentation about how you went about your decision-making process when deciding to use the software that you ended up choosing, specifically the issues / annoyances that you noticed in the software you ended up rejecting (i.e., SketchFab). I loved the takeaways that were listed from your survey results. – Nick B

If not already added, could you also add more information on the data you visualized.

What kinds of data did you end up visualizing? Did you check out more buildings or terrains and were any easier to view on the laptop? - Paul

I would be interested to hear the opinions of architecture experts on VR and your project like professors in the department -Alastair



Total: 140.5 hours (as of 5/19)

HOURS journal

1/27/22 - 1 Hour

  • reviewed syllabus, set up journal page, familiarized myself with wiki, joined slack

  • started thinking about potential changes

1/28/22 - .5 Hours

  • looked for and completed some potential changes

  • when clicking edit or publishing edits, even small ones, the site loads for very long

1/31/22 - 4 Hours

  • looked for and completed some more potential changes

  • read meta AR/VR pages and research

  • read UW reality lab publications

  • read collaborative VR research papers

  • researched using Rhino for VR

  • researched architecture VR applications

2/2/22 - 3 Hours

  • set up oculus and explored apps

  • troubleshoot paperspace, set up virtual machine

2/3/22 - 4 Hours

  • brainstorming project ideas

  • reading relevant papers as outlined above

  • finished google maps assignment, see bottom of page

2/8/22 - 3 Hours

  • brainstorming project ideas, general readings/research about behavior science/VR

  • set up dinoVR

COVID Days :(

2/11/22 - 2 Hours

  • Office hours with Ross and prep by reading papers

2/15/22 - 2.5 Hours

  • reading research papers relating to crowd behavior and architecture psychology

  • narrowing project ideas

  • read VR software by data type page

  • read up on Kristi Porter and came up with questions

2/16/22 - 3 Hours

  • looking for relevant software

  • Paraview and volume rendering download

    • Had to download msmpi.pll

  • Playing around with Paraview

2/17/22 - 3 Hours

  • Project presentation + proposal

  • Journal cleanup and Review

    • Journal activities are explicitly and clearly related to course deliverables: 4

    • deliverables are described and attributed in wiki: 4

    • report states total amount of time: 4

    • total time is appropriate: 2 (need to add all work for class and not just proposal and wiki contributions)

Peer Review of Journal (by Amanda Levy)

Journal activities are explicitly and clearly related to course deliverables

4 - the content is appropriate and helpful to the wiki's development; I would add links to the articles and research

deliverables are described and attributed in wiki

1 - I would add wiki contributes in the "ALL OTHER WIKI CONTRIBUTIONS" section; says you completed small changes but I would add the specific details so that they can be easily found and identified in the wiki

report states total amount of time

4 - yes but I would add a date stamp to ensure that the total hours is up-to-date

total time is appropriate

2 - there is some time logged, but according to the suggested schedule of total hours (5 hours per class meeting time), it is only about 2 weeks of work

2/23/22 - 2 Hours

  • added peer review to Amanda's journal, added missing hours to journal such as general exploration, unfinished classwork, reformatting page

  • unity installation and trouble shooting

2/24/22 - 3 Hours

  • continued unity trouble shooting

  • browsed potential polygonal model data candidates of the Barcelona Pavilion

  • made architecture in VR page

2/25/22 - 1.5 Hours

  • adding Google Earth VR photos, project proposal evaluation

  • unity attempt again

2/28/22 - 5.5 Hours

  • set up enscape for VR tour

  • set up lumion to VR tour

  • set up rhino3D

  • tested and downloaded different 3D model downloads to render

  • unity attempt again, tried doing personal instead but still didn't work

  • started presentation for progress update

  • redo software and model downloads onto loaner laptop

    • bad graphics card warning :(

  • set up class activity

  • work on presentation progress update

  • set up sketchup and sketchfab

3/2/22 - 3.5 hrs

  • unity hello world tutorials

  • tried to set up sketchfab vr view

3/3/22 - 1 hr

  • set up class activity, had to individually download some files since file name was too long for zip

3/4/22 - 1 hr

  • participated in VENlab VR experiment

3/5/22 - 3.5 hrs

  • sketchup tutorials

  • set up sentio vr and sketch vr for sketchup

  • did sentio and sketch vr tutorials

3/6/22 - 3.5 hrs

  • compared sketch vr and sentio for in class activity

  • tested and compared the softwares for activity on quest and pc

  • tested sketchfab online VR, tested official vr tour

  • cleaned up sketchup model

  • made setup page wiki

3/8/22 - 2.5 hrs

  • fleshed out activity, wrote on the wiki instructions, tested out parts of the activity, developed plans and google form

3/10/22 - 1.5 hrs

  • Prep tonyu activity

  • Prep mandy activity

3/12/22 - 3 hrs

  • completed rhino3d tutorials

  • went through past projects and edited and accessed feasibility for VR

3/14/22 - 1.5 hrs

  • looked through google form, organizing data

  • read articles about VR in architecture collaboration, VR sketch reviews

3/15/22 - 3.5 hrs

  • Prep maia, shashidhar, and paul's activities

  • started powerpoint

  • started architecture software comparison page

  • after class surveys and VR exploration

3/17/22 - 3 hrs

  • added wiki contributions and fleshed out comparison page

  • finished powerpoint

3/21/22 - 3 hrs

  • read articles and researched VR in behavior science

  • read papers from VENlab

3/22/22 - 2.5 hrs

  • continued coming up with project ideas

  • read wiki articles from other classmates that were relevant

  • looked at existing oculus apps and into web based VR

3/23/22 - 2 hrs

  • continued coming up with project ideas

  • read wiki articles from other classmates that were relevant

3/31/22 - 3 hrs

  • cleaned up journal

  • researched point cloud data and lidar

  • read articles on wiki and edited pages

4/5/22 - 3.5 hrs

  • prep Jennifer, Nick, and Aakansha activities

  • Aakansha part 1

  • added project to journal, edited plan

  • read potree documentation and tutorials

  • looked into FARO® SCENE and Mozilla VR

  • feedback forms

4/7/22 - 1.5 hrs

4/12/22 - 3 hrs

  • cleaning up and fixing journal, totaling hours

  • reading about point cloud data from wiki

  • adding point cloud architecture viewing wiki info

  • tested point cloud vr viewing using oculus browser and potree on mozilla VR

4/14/22 - 2 hrs

  • completed feedback forms

  • tried to follow point cloud sketchVR

  • edited wiki and journal for review

4/16/22 - 3.5 hrs

  • looking at data from open heritage 3d

  • sorted through different data types on website

4/19/22 - 3.5 hrs

  • edited wiki

    • rhino 3d pages, edited shashdihar's rhino tutorials after reading and researching

  • created progress presentation

4/20/22 - 1.5 hr

  • prep amanda

  • prep mandy

  • researched collaboration

4/21/22 - 3 hrs

  • in class activity surveys

  • tried to download lidar scan data and test sketchVR

    • sketchVR website being very glitchy and tried many things to no avail

4/22/22 - 3 hrs

  • went through open heritage data by country

  • went through openheritage 3d documentation

4/24/22 - 2 hrs

  • trying Vrex and Prospect by IrisVR, downloading and signing up, reading articles about them

  • reading about lidar data types and file fomats

4/25/22 - 2 hrs

  • prep sayan, tongyu, and jakobi's activities

  • Vrex and Prospect sign up, communications with support team

4/26/22 - 4.5 hrs

  • sorting through data set for in class activity

  • downloading and finalizing heritage sites to use

    • took multiple attempts and emails since files so large

  • trying VR sketch again to see if site was fix

  • attempt VR sketch potree viewer converter with E57 files to LAZ/LAS

  • tested potree desktop settings and features

    • tried measuring features, different navigation modes, filter settings

4/27/22 - 4 hrs

  • developed in class activity structure

    • could not figure out collaboration softwares in time, customer support for VRex and Prospect too slow, VRSketch still down

  • tested out parts of activity in vr and desktop

  • wrote in class activity instructions on wiki page

  • worked through sites again to make sure they made sense together

4/28/22 - 3.5 hrs

  • researched Islamic architecture

  • wrote intro about Islamic architecture features with graphics on wiki page

  • created google survey

  • made key of features in each site on journal wiki page

5/03/22 - 1 hr

  • prep beatrice, maya, and robert activities

    • finished surveys after class

5/05/22 - .5 hr

  • prep paul, alistar, jennifer, nick activities

    • finished surveys after class

5/09/22 - 3 hrs

  • cleaning up journal and fixing hours

  • read in class activity survey results

  • started draft poster

  • started flash talk slide

5/10/22 - 2 hrs

  • finished draft poster project 2

  • finished flash talk slide

5/13/22 - 3 hrs

  • did indesign tutorials

  • started remaking poster on indesign

5/14/22 - 2.5 hrs

  • finished final poster draft

5/17/22 - 4.5 hrs

  • research for wiki pages on cyber sickness

    • read current wiki pages on cyber sickness

    • talked with a cyber sickness researcher

    • reviewed results from my in class activities

5/18/22 - 4.5 hrs

  • updated journal with missing items

  • read journal articles about cyber sickness

  • did small fixes and updates on current wiki pages, reorganized some of my contribution pages

    • loading time and publishing time was frustratingly long

  • finalized flash talk slides

  • practiced flash talk and presentation

5/19/22 - 6 hrs

  • updated VR in architecture page, project 2 in class activity page with conclusions

  • sent grade evaluation, flash talk slides

  • finalizing and printing poster

  • added to cybersickness page

    • added in class activity results, new journal research, made future edits easier

  • made potree overview page

    • edited data sources page to add potree data, linked it to scientific data page

  • connected past wikipages with my pages for easier navigation of similar topics