Collaborative VR Tools In Class Activity

Pre-Class Setup

1.) Download ShapesXR on the Oculus Store.

2.) Open it and it'll prompt you to log in using your Oculus account; do that.

3.) All done!

In Class Activity

1.) Open ShapesXR and log in with your Oculus account.

2.) Do the opening tutorial to get a sense of the controls.

3.) Join the group room, the code is: 1r66dx76

4.) Change the theobromine molecule to a color of your choice then take a screenshot and post it to the class board. You might have to communicate to take turns with other people. (Note: if you can't see the molecule try going left or right on your right joystick)

5.) Draw / type your name or some sort of message using either the draw tool or text box tool, then take a screen shot of yours or someone else's message and post it to the class board. Try to take a look around and read other people's texts too!

6.) Feel free to make shapes or explore the software's capabilities.

7.) Fill out this Google Survey :)