Manuscript In-Class Activity


NOTE: All this is done on your personal local device and not on paperspace.

  1. Download this .apk file (manuscript visualization)

  2. Download SideQuest and import the .apk file you downloaded above into your headset. You can follow this tutorial if needed. Note that you will need your oculus to be connected to your computer with your charging cord.

  • Note that anything to import the .apk into your Oculus Headset is perfectly okay; you do not have to use SideQuest

When you see an app called Manuscript Visualization in your headset (in unknown sources), you are finished with setting up!

In Class-Activity:

Part 1: (not in VR)

Go to this link to view the manuscript from the digitized First Folio

  • View the first few pages of A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Take a screenshot of your favorite play or page and put it on the class board

    • For fun: Curious about the First Folio? Learn more here!

Part 2: (in VR + collaboration)

Collaborative Task:

  1. In a group of 2 or three (aka. with a couple people around you), pick one person to open the.apk in their headset (Manuscript Visualization) and cast to their computer.

    1. Open the downloaded .apk in your headset (Manuscript Visualization)

    2. Sign in to your Oculus account here and follow these instructions to cast (go to the Cast to your computer section).

  • Note: this should be the same person who is opening the app on their headset.

    1. While casting, read and click through the Intro Wall to learn the controls and more about the App

    2. Screenshot/Picture: Have the person who isn't casting take a picture of themselves with their partner who is casting, and the computer screen. If you are in a group, get everyone in

Individual (or collaborative):

  1. Either both do this yourselves or swap who is casting and try out the fun things listed below.

  • Screenshots: Try to get a really cool screenshot (maybe from a really nice angle, half-way through flipping the page, using the magnifying glass, or of your favorite page, etc.).

Things to try:

  • Try turning the page with the controller then try turning the pages with your hand

    • In order to turn the page, make sure you are pinching or grabbing the EDGE or BOTTOM CORNER of the page. You should see a blue circle.

  • Turn the music on and off using the menu

  • Try using the magnifying glass

Note: If you turn on translations, the translations should be accurate for the first few pages, but currently still trying to figure out how to get translations for some of the other pages to show up (sorry!).

Tip: If anything is acting odd, try clicking the reset button on the menu.