Manuscript Visualization Software Evaluations

Mandy He (May 2022)

User Experience Survey Results

Overall, everyone found the app to be very effective at visualizing manuscripts (its key purpose), and everyone seemed to agree that the page-turning contributed a significant amount to the visualizations

What features are missing?

How can features be reworked?

When asked "What features are missing" and "How can features be reworked to improve the experience or work process," many people mentioned the ability to resize the book or at least make the book larger. Others mentioned that they disliked how the enlarged book view was to the side and suggested repositioning the enlarged view to be directly above the book.

What features were most useful?

A vast majority of the class appreciated the magnifying glass as well as the enlarged version of the text. Others mentioned the hand tracking and the page turning.


Overall, everyone seemed to enjoy the experience, especially the turning of the pages. The size and legibility of the book seemed to be the major factor negatively affecting the user experience of the software.Note about collaboration: A couple of people mentioned the potential of having multiple people view the book at the same time. It may be interesting to have a "share" button on the menu such that a user can potentially click the button all shift all users to the page that they (the person who clicked the button) is currently on.

Next Steps Taken

With the survey results, I made tweaks to the original experience that was shown to the class for the in-class activity. Some things I changed:

  • Made the book bigger

  • Moved the enlarged view to be directly above the view

  • Added simple multiuser functionality