Nick's VRWiz Activity

Today we will be exploring my VRWiz project on the desktop browser and from the Oculus!

Find a partner that is sitting near you! Choose one of you to explore the project in VR first, and the other to explore in the desktop browser first. Explore the project while following the brief tutorial below. After you are satisfied, you may switch to the other medium.

Project Link:

When first opening the link (on either platform): You will be prompted to type a username -- enter whatever you would like your name card to show in the virtual room! If you dismiss the prompt without entering anything, your username will default to some random letters (you can get the prompt again by refreshing). Your color will be determined based on a hash of your username, so your color should show up consistently to everyone.

On desktop browser: Use any modern web browser. Move around using the WASD keys on your keyboard. Click once with your right mouse button to enter "immersive mode" and then move your mouse to control the direction you are facing. Click again with your right mouse button to traverse a link in the direction you are facing.

On VR: Please use the Oculus Browser. Move around using the left thumb stick on your controller.

Feel free to optionally post some funny / interesting screenshots to the class board. Once you are completed with the activity, please fill out the form below.

Exit Ticket / Feedback Form:

Known Issues:

  • Relative position and angle of controllers (cones) on other players is messed up

  • Laser pointer is only visible to yourself

  • Link traversal is finicky on desktop and especially finicky on VR

  • Everything could use some beautifying

If you have any interest in checking out the source code:

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image