Robert's in-class activity

The VR web app can be found at on the Oculus Browser or any VR web browser (Firefox, etc).

After selecting a location from the dropdown menu (or entering your own coordinates, which is admittedly difficult to do in VR), you can load the scene and begin exploring. Only data within a set radius of the starting point will be loaded, so you may run into the edge of the scene as your explore.


  • Use the left joystick to move around the scene

  • Use either the right or left trigger to teleport

  • Press the Oculus button to bring up the menu and exit VR mode


  • Find/take a screenshot of the SciLi

  • Find/take a screenshot of Grad Center

  • Find/take a screenshot of a tree (you may need to explore different scenes to find them)

  • Explore some of the preset environments and see if anything doesn't work as expected

  • The app should work with any latitude/longitude coordinates, so you can try entering your own and see how the environment looks

  • Once you finish, please fill out this feedback form. The form also includes a QR code to scan and register your own "dig site" on campus, which I will hopefully be able to display in the final version of the app!