Sayan Chakraborty's Journal

Project 1

Project 1 Proposal: Proposal

Project 1 Proposal Presentation: Proposal Presentation

Project 1 Update Slides: Update Slides Link

Project 1 In-Class Activity Page: Link

Presentation for Project 1 Proposal: Presentation

Project 2

Project 2 Proposal: Proposal

Presentation for Project 2 Proposal: Presentation

Project 2 Updates Presentation: Presentation

Project 2 Presentation: Presentation

In-class Activity: In-class Activity Link

Poster: Poster Link

Flash Talk: Flash Talk Link


CONTRIBUTION 1 [Add Horizon Workspace to Collaborative VR Page]: Link To Page

CONTRIBUTION 2 [Add sharing to facebook details to download screen captures from Oculus]: Link To Page

CONTRIBUTION 3 [Add general VR in Workspace page]: Link to Page

CONTRIBUTION 4 [Comparative analysis for Horizon and Immersed from Class Activity]: Link To Page

CONTRIBUTION 5 [How to render 3-D coordinate data from CSV to Model mask]: Link To Page

CONTRIBUTION 6 [VR in Engineering page]: Link To Page

CONTRIBUTION 7 [Add a sub page for Advanced Data Analysis in Paraview]: Link To Page

CONTRIBUTION 8 [Add a sub page for Paraview's usage of Python Shell and TraceRecorder]: Link To Page

CONTRIBUTION 9 [Add a page for LookVR a Looker in VR tool]: Link To Page

CONTRIBUTION 10 [Added a page describing research towards VR in MRI]: Link To Page


Total: 142 hours

HOURS journal

1/26/22 - 4 Hours

  • Setting up Slack, Journal, etc

  • Reading and getting familiar with the wiki

  • Finding changes to implement on last year's wiki:

    • 10 minute edits

      • Remove broken link from VR in Medicine page

      • Add link for Tomviz in Medical Imaging File format page

      • Move Medical File types in VR in Medicine

      • Move ProspectIris from VR in Medicine to Collaboration in VR.

    • 1 hour edits

      • Under Project Ideas > Add some project ideas for future students

      • Address all of the TODOs on the VR Development Software > Comparisons page

      • Add more details to the WebVR Comparison pages

    • 10 hour edits

      • The VR Modeling Software landing page is just a redirection to other helpful tutorials, it should add comprehensive list of comparisons and tools needed by use cases on the page, so students don't have to keep searching for the right software for their project.

      • For the Applications of VR section, add some blurb to the landing page, and add more applications

      • Create a section for trending projects in VR like Github for future students to incorporate in their project ideas

1/29/22 - 2 Hours

  • Read wikipedia entry for VR and took notes

  • Read the section of the course wiki about VR and took notes

  • Added my name to the Journals page

1/31/22 - 4 Hours

  • Read about Meta's work on VR and Horizon- research areas

  • Read more about Unity and Unreal's applications in VR development

  • Setup my Quest 2

2/2/22 - 5 Hours

  • Setup Virtual Desktop, Paperspace, and SteamVR

  • Worked and explored SteamVR and Virtual Desktop

  • Researched project ideas

    • 3D scene visualization and collaboration

    • Observability in VR using Grafana

    • FMRI data visualization in VR

2/9/22 - 6 Hours

  • Project Idea: 3D scene visualization and collaboration

    • Milestones:

      • 2/15/22: Finalize 3-4 softwares for experimentation

      • 2/17/22: Use different models to visualize in VR and test

      • 2/22/22: Develop the in person activity and test the VR software with another student

      • 3/01/22: Work on the project proposal report

      • 3/03/22: Develop the user feedback survey to do testing of the software

      • 3/08/22: Read more VR papers to get more knowledge about collaborative VR scene interaction

      • 3/10/22: Final check of the software, activity and finish report

  • Finish DinoVR tutorial

  • Research on 3D scene visualization

2/11/22 - 4 Hours

  • New Project Idea (since someone else was doing something similar) - Observability in VR

  • Read on existing attempts

  • Read on frameworks that will allow converting web 2D dashboards in VR

  • Read up on A-frame and other frameworks that help make websites VR compatible

2/14/22 - 4 Hours

  • Finalize project idea - Observability in VR

  • Make project presentation

  • Make project proposal

  • Read more into A-frame APIs that'll help convert kibana dashboards into being VR compatible

  • Milestones -

    • Explore feasibility and finalize all aspects of the project

    • Explore existing attempts at similar goals

    • Explore tools to make dashboards VR compatible

    • Making plugin/dummy website which can be viewed in VR

    • Add capability for other person to join the same environment

    • Add audio/text exchange in collaboration in the environment

  • Research on collaboration tools in VR for the project

2/15/22 - 2 Hours

  • Continue researching current state of observability in VR

  • Journal self-evaluation

    • Journal activities are explicitly and clearly related to course deliverables: 4

    • deliverables are described and attributed in wiki: 3

    • report states total amount of time: 4

    • total time is appropriate: 3

  • In-class journal peer reviewers: Jacobi

2/21/22 - 6 Hours

  • Familiarizing myself with technology used by devops - Grafana and ElasticSearch

  • Try setting up server with Grafana dashboard

  • Try setting up server with ElasticSearch dashboard

  • Find the right metrics to generate and render

2/23/22 - 4 Hours

  • Went through tutorials of setting up Grafana to get it finally working

  • Tried creating dashboards with no data

  • Explored Grafana dashboards

2/25/22 - 6 Hours

  • Went through tutorials of setting up Elasticsearch to get it working

  • Debugged it as the log mappings were not working as intended

    • Went through multiple elasticsearch tutorials on it to get logging working

2/26/22 - 3 Hours

  • Add general VR in workspace wiki page

  • Expand on it with Immersed and Horizon Workspace as examples

3/2/22 - 4 Hours

  • Created and tested the Immersed environment for exploring Grafana dashboard

  • Developing a plan for in class activity and testing collaboration features in Immersed

  • Finishing Beatrice's in-class activity

  • Prep for Amanda's in-class activity

3/10/22 - 6 Hours total

  • Prepped for Mandy's in class activity

  • Prepped for Tongyu's in class activity

  • Found Grafana playground and went through all the demo dashboards for the project

3/12/22 - 4 Hours total

  • Tried Visualizing Grafana dashboards in Immersed

  • Tried inviting people in private room via invite to test collaboration features

  • Took notes on accessibility issues on Immersed

3/14/22 - 4 hours

  • Prepare presentation

  • Take screenshots from Immersed and write blurb on project 1

  • Prep for Final Presentation

3/17/22 - 4 Hours total

  • Explored Horizon Workspace

    • Signed up for workrooms

  • Tested and played around Workspace

  • Wrote Wiki on Horizon Workspace and added it on Collaborative VR Page

3/18/22 - 3 hours

  • 7 Scenarios paper reading

  • Took notes for each scenario

3/20/22 - 4 hours

  • Researching new presentation ideas.

    • Possible focus more on concrete data visualization, maybe in Medical field

    • Research FMRI visualization in VR

3/24/22 - 4 Hours

  • Brainstormed ideas for Project 2

  • Finalized project ideas and decided on deliverables

  • Created project 2 proposal presentation

  • Incorporated in-class feedback and updated project 2 proposal

3/29/22 - 0 Hours total

  • Spring Break

3/31/22 - 0 Hours total

  • Spring Break

4/04/22 - 5 Hour

  • Read on papers of Visualizing FMRI and medical data in VR

  • Read up on previous year's experiments on the topic and conclusion

  • Look at medical visualizing software and datasets

4/05 - 2 Hour

  • Prepared for Aakansha's, Nick's, Jennifer's in-class activities

  • Reinstalled Oculus and SteamVR Apps

4/06 - 4 Hour

  • Prepared for my In class Activity

  • Played around with Immersed and took notes on how to conduct the Activity

  • Found 3 good Data Viz dashboards

  • Posted all relevant links on the Slack channel

4/11/22 - 4 Hours

  • Refresher on Bloom Taxonomy and Seven Scenarios paper

  • Prep for peer journal review

  • Feedback forms for in-class activities

  • Answered Doodle for VR Project presentations time

4/13/22 - 4 hours

  • Journal Update/Correction for journal review

4/18/22 - 6 hours

  • Worked on Project 2, experimented with Unity and Paraview

  • Searched for brain mask on internet compatible with Unity and Paraview

  • Finalized Paraview as the final tool to be used and found the brain mask model for it

  • Prepared progress report for project 2

4/23/22 - 6 hours

  • Prepared for in-class activity for next week

  • Figured how to use VTK to project model in VR from Paperview

4/25/22 - 4 hours

  • Moved local setup to Paperspace for class-activity

  • Moved brain mask data and fmri data to google drive

  • Wrote wiki for class activity

  • Experimented with Paperspace paraview setup

  • Paperspace went down - notified david

4/26/22 - 3 Hour

  • Collated form responses

  • Investigated SciVista for collaborative paraview modules

  • Didn't pan out as they have their own paraview-esq library for collaborative VR

5/9/22 - 7 hours

  • Worked on slides for final presentation

  • Took photos from VR for slides

  • Prepared draft poster

  • Prepared flash talk presentation

  • Wrote a short 40 second flash talk

5/12/22 - 10 hours

  • Worked on Final Poster and flash talk presentation

  • Printed the final poster

  • Edited the wikis

  • Edited the journal

  • Tested setup for Project 2

5/14/22 - 4 hours

  • Paid for Immersive for demo day :(

  • Redid the setup for project 1

  • Worked on wiki and journal

  • Worked on self-eval

Peer-Evaluation of Journal (Done by Jakobi)

Activities logging rubric -- fill in in your journal

key for each criterion:

5 == exceeds expectations

4 == meets expectations

3 == mostly solid with some gaps

2 == shows some progress

1 == some attempt

0 == not found


Journal activities are explicitly and clearly related to course deliverables

4 - good job with research into Kibana and A-Frame

deliverables are described and attributed in wiki

3 - Needs to fill in with notes to research

report states total amount of time

3 - Missing accurate time logs (did more research than he logged)

total time is appropriate

5 - Has done more research than advised 10 Hours per week

5/12/22 - 10 hours

  • Worked on Final Poster and flash talk presentation

  • Printed the final poster

  • Edited the wikis

  • Edited the journal

  • Tested setup for Project 2