Sayan's In-Class Activity


Download Immersed

  • Download Immersed from Oculus App store

  • You can launch the application but do not do the tutorial as it is part of the class activity

  • You have to download the Immersed App from for remote pairing between your machine (not paperspace) and your Oculus headset.

Download Horizon Workspace (Beta)

Class Activity

Data Visualization in VR Immersive Work environments

We'll see these data visualization dashboards in VR softwares and compare experience with real life counterpart i.e physical monitors.

site 1-

site 2 -

site 3 -

Part 1: Immersed

  • Once you're done downloading the immersed app on oculus and desktop, pair your systems with pairing code

  • Go through the Immersed tutorial

  • After that, play around and add screens to your environment.

  • Open visualization links on 3 different screens.

  • Collaboration part - Go to Immersed app settings, make your room invite only and share the invite link to anyone in the class

  • Screenshot 1: Add your screenshot of the view you prefer to the class board.

Part 2: Horizon Workspace (Beta)

  • After signing up on workrooms, open Oculus remote desktop and log into Horizon Workspace on your headset for the pairing to start.

  • Calibrate desk on Horizon and open any of the data visualization dashboard link on the screen

  • Open any of the data viz on to your desk screen and project it to the workspace screen

  • Invite other to your workspace by sending invites via email/workroom username

  • Explore and play around collaboratively in the Workspace environment and draw insights from the dashboard

  • Bonus - Try using the whiteboard feature and drawing your insights from the dashboard on the screen

  • Screenshot 2: Add your screenshot of the view you prefer to the class board.

Part 3: Google Form

  • Complete the google form and provide your feedback on your experience: link