Sayan's In-Class Activity


Download Paraview and Dataset

Class Activity

Once Paraview has been launched and datasets have been downloaded

  • Step 1 - Launch SteamVR

  • Step 2 - Launch Paraview and import the two files

  • Step 3 - Click on the left icon besides brainmask.vtk file, it'll visualize the brain in 3D for you in Paraview. It'll look like the picture below

  • Step 4 - Open SteamVR

  • Step 5 - In Paraview, load it from the Tools -> Manage Plugins menu option. Select OpenVR and load it. This will add a OpenVR specific panel to your user interface. More info on this link -

  • Step 6 - Once you have your visualization up in ParaView, you can send it to VR by hitting the “Send to OpenVR” button in the OpenVR plugin panel (note the image below is out of date).