Project #1 Proposal

Visualizing EMS Trends and Patterns In Virtual Reality

Motivation: The city’s Emergency department is tasked with responding to a wide range of incidents that are reported through the city’s 911emergency hotline. In this project, we take the first steps in exploring and better understanding the 911 call activity patterns. This project visualizes the Geo-Spatial data of the 911 Emergency calls to find trends and patterns for Emergency calls across a city. The objective is to answer some of the questions with respect to 911-emergency calls such as, how does the no. of calls vary with time? How does the reason for calls vary with time? Are there any patterns across cities? The results from the study can be used to help various departments that provide service for 911-emergency calls to manage their resources.

This is broken down into 3 parts:

  1. Initial set up

  2. Getting hands on with Data

  3. Integrating and Demo

Dataset: Emergency - 911 Calls, Montgomery County, PA

Dataset: Detroit Emergency Call data

Software of focus: Rhino, SketchUP

Proposal of Shashidhar Pai Visualize EMS Trends and Patterns In Virtual Reality

Project Timeline:

This project will be divided into Three phases

Phase 1 - Initial set up :

2/15/22: Test Initial set up for Enscape and SketchUP

2/17/22: Load 1kmX1km 3D models of cities

Find and load larger city files

Phase 2 - Getting hands on with Data

2/22/22: Prepare, clean and analyse data for data viz

Based on evaluation, consider possible softwares

Integrate 2D data into 3D models and 3D space

Add functionality - select, filter, group, order

3/01/22: Add/Explore functionality for collaborators

Phase 3 - Integrating and Demo

3/03/22: Prepare for in class activity, build tutorial

3/08/22: IN - CLASS ACTIVITY - (To be confirmed)

3/08/22: Project proposal report, publish tutorial

3/10/22: Final presentation and publish report