Shashidhar's Second

In-Class Activity

Downloads and Prep


Create an Account and Login into Engage

  • You can do this on your Oculus or PC(

  • I would suggest a short username and password as you have to type it in your Oculus.

  • On your Oculus, log into your account and Click join session.

  • Codes will be provided in class to join virtual classrooms


As mentioned Earlier Application of VR to the medical and healthcare industries has been rapidly evolving

  • VR as a medical education tool --> In class activity

  • Embodied cognition: learning by doing

  • Patient education

  • VR as a visualization tool for surgical planning

  • VR as a therapeutic intervention

  • Intraoperative guidance |

  • Mental health | --> Try at home activity

  • Rehabilitation |


Teleport -> Right hand controller "A" button

Select -> point at controller at the label circle of an object and click trigger (laser or pointer turns green when object selected as seen in picture below )

Increase and decrease size --> Move right Hand controller thumb stick to right to increase size. Move to left to decrease size.

Move forward or backward --> Push right Hand controller thumb stick to forward to push object forward. Pull to bring object closer.

Grab and Rotate -> When object close enough you can press grip button to rotate object.

Mute -> Your left hand watch has mute button in case of an echo in the room

Tablet -> Left hand controller Y button opens tablet of menu

Activity: VR as a medical education tool

Let's look at VR as an Educational Tool

  • Let us explore the different parts of an human body. We will we looking at the Skull, Skeletal System, Brain and the Tongue.

  • Join the Class and take a seat, the instructor will take care of everything :)

Second Half - Lets see if you can get all the bones to the right location

Work in Teams gather around the table and place the bones in the right location in the human body. There should be an image for references on the presentation screen.

**Once done, Feel Free to explore the difference IFX visual effects/content available in Engage, if time permits. :)

Please take one or two screenshots and add to the class board under Shashidhar's Activity.

Please fill out he google form below. Thank you. Hope you enjoyed the activity!


At Home Activity

Please view any one of the following VR pieces (links below). Please try to experience each until the end as they are narrative pieces that follow an arc. Also, remember to turn your head around to take in the entire scene. It covers the following topics

  • Intraoperative guidance

  • Mental health

  • Rehabilitation

The Party: a virtual experience of autism – 360 film

Everyday situations can be stressful for those on the autism spectrum. Step into the shoes of 16-year-old Layla as she attends a birthday party. Hear her inner thoughts and experience how overwhelming an occasion like this can be for her

Notes on Blindness

In 1983, after decades of steady deterioration, John Hull became totally blind. To help him make sense of the upheaval in his life, he began documenting his experiences on audio cassette. These original diary recordings form the basis of this VR experience, an interactive non fiction using new forms of storytelling and gameplay mechanics to explore his cognitive and emotional experience of blindness. Might be a bit low resolution but have a look around and concentrate on the noises :)