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Proposal of Nine Wiki changes

  • Three changes should each require ~10 minutes to complete.

    1. There are excessive spaces in 1.3.2. VR in The Performing Arts, which should be removed.

    2. Go through all the links to make sure they work well. Since I noticed some of them don't,

    3. In the Software Recommendations by Data Type, I noticed one sentence mentioned "Most software are not YURT compatible", and the work "YURT" is hard to understand (at least for me, an international student). I think some explanations can make it more readable.

  • Three changes should each require ~1 hour to complete.

    1. In the installation instructions of Unity, it does not contain how to install on Mac. And for the Mac users who not familiar with VM, it would be hard for them to install VM and then Unity.

    2. At the welcome page of wiki, designing a feedback page for users who has concerns or improving ideas about the wiki. In this way, we add user friendly to the website and having more specific information about how to improve.

    3. In AR vs VR page, the words style is different with other pages. I think we can modify them to stay on my words style making the website more comforting.

  • The final three changes should each require ~10 hours to complete.

    1. Under "where do I start", we can have another intro level for green hands. I feel it's necessary since I used to be those kind of person and had no clue should start at which part.

    2. Changes Under unity3d

      1. now it has Minimum/Recommended System Requirements. I think it would be much better if we mentioned about the different consequences between those two requirements. Assume a user had an expectation of unity3d but finally disappointed because of the requirements issue.

      2. Also, in this page, I feel we can make it richly by adding more fancy information about unity3d, for example, a demo or a rendering, which can encourage new users start working on unity3d.

    3. Under "where do I start", the link of Intro to WebVR does not work. I think we should add information for it or replace it with another necessary information.


Total: 8 hours

HOURS journal

1/29/22 - 3 Hours

  • Set up my journal pages.

  • Join the course slack channel.

  • Review the course homepage.

1/30/22 - 3 Hours

  • Read last year's wiki and identify nine separate changes.

  • Read some background papers.

  • Research a piece of collaborative VR software.

1/31/22 - 2 Hours

  • Read over wiki page and modified changes.