Paperspace Guide


Paperspace is a cloud computing platform, similar to AWS or Azure. Paperspace's main advantage is that it supports a variety of machine templates designed specifically for gaming; this means that necessary software and drivers often come preinstalled with your machine! In this guide, we discuss:

  • Inviting people to a workspace

  • How to create a new Paperspace Machine

  • Generating a course template

Inviting People to a Workspace

  • Select the "Members" tab of your workspace.

  • Then, select the "Invite A User" button at the top right of your workspace.

  • Finally, enter the email of the user you want to invite.

Creating a Paperspace Machine

  • Select the "Create A Machine" button on your Paperspace Core Workspace.

  • Now, select an operating system for your machine. If you don't have a course template available, select the "Parsec" template from the dropdown menu. Otherwise, select the appropriate course template from the "Custom" options.

  • Next, select a machine type. You'll need to select a machine with a moderately powerful GPU. We recommend using an A4000 machine or newer.

  • Choose a disk size for the machine. We recommend starting off with 100GB. This can always be upgraded later.

  • Ensure that the machine is located in the NY2 region.

  • Next, hit the "Advance Options" toggle. Give the machine a name and assign the machine to the appropriate user in the workspace; note the user must be invited to the workspace before creating the machine.

  • Ensure that the "Auto Shutdown" feature is enabled and has a "Set Frequency" of one hour.

  • Disable "Auto-Snapshots." This feature is nice to have but costs extra.

  • Finally, hit "Create" to finalize the creation process.

Generating a Course Template

In the previous section, you learned how create a machine using the Parsec gaming template. However, in order to ensure that each student has access to the same suite of software, we recommend creating a machine template for the class. This can be done by:

  • Create a machine using the Parsec template as outlined in the previous section.

  • Install all software you want to be included with the template. We strongly recommend that you install the following software:

  • Next, select the machine you want to base the template on.

  • Then, go to the "Templates" menu.

  • Now, hit "Create Template."

  • Once created, the template can be used by all users of the workspace to create a new machine.