Porting a Unity app to the yurt

Starting Up

  • Either create a new Unity project or open an existing one

  • Import minvr.unitypackage (Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package)

  • To your Camera, add the MinVR/components/VRMain script

  • Add the MinVR/prefabs/YurtConfig prefab to the main scene

Project Settings

  • Go to Edit -> Project Settings and change the following:

    • Under Player -> Resolution and Presentation:

      • Ensure that "Fullscreen Mode" is set to "Fullscreen Window"

      • Check "Run in Background"

    • Under Player -> XR Settings:

      • Check "Virtual Reality Supported"

      • Then click the plus icon and add "Stereo Display (non head-mounted)"

      • Remove any other Virtual Reality SDKs by highlighting and clicking the minus icon

    • Under Script Execution Order:

      • Ensure that MinVR.VRMain has a -200ms time offset

VRPN (optional)

  • Add the MinVR/prefabs/VRPNInputs prefab to the main scene


  • Go to File -> Build Settings

  • Add all necessary scenes

  • Set the "Target Platform" to Linux

  • Build to a folder of your choice


  • Copy the entire build folder over to Oscar

  • Make sure your app has execute permissions (chmod +x <your app>.x86_64)

  • Run /gpfs/dhl/data/lcohen2/unity_launcher/unity_launcher /path/to/<your app>.x86_64 /path/to/YURT.minvr

Loudon Cohen