Building a set in Unreal


Open a new VR project in Unreal Engine

Select File -> New Level

This will create an empty level for make a game set or any set you wnat the user to play in

For newer version for Unreal Engine 4, you won't see Modes. To use different geoemtry and other things from modes, follow the steps-

  1. Go to Edit -> Editor Preferences

  2. Enable Legacy Editor Mode UI

  3. Restart Unreal Engine 4

Now when you open your project, it will show a new window with Modes panel on the left like the image below.

Select and drop the objects and edit it.

To navigate in the xyz axis you can use shortcut commands mentioned in Unreal VR tutorial or navigate using Keybord keys-

left key to move left, right key to move right

Up key to zoom in, down key to zoom out

To edit the shapes of the objects-

Use the 3 button on upper right corner or in the transform in lower right of the page.

First button(looks like 4 arrows)- is select and translate button which allows to move objects in the set

Second button- is rotate button which allows to rotate your object in all 3D

Third button- Scale button- allows you to thicken, flatten and scale your objects

You can also make changes to the object by editing the values in Location, rotation, Scale, etc. in the Details Panel

Adding Lights and Shadow to your set-

In the modes/Place in the left, select Light subsection

Use sky Light and locate it in such a way so your set has natural sky light

In the Lightining Option, Select Cast Shadow

To import some already made objects into your set use Unreal Market Place. Follow the following steps to import objects from Market Place-

  1. Launch Epic Games Launcher.

  2. Browse, Look at Free content or search in the search bar if you are looking for any specific content.

  3. Once you find the cotent, Click on Add to cart

  4. Add content to the project of unreal that you want to use in.

Experiment and create a game/interior design or any set in Unreal Engine.