Unreal VR


Everything you need to know for setting a VR project in Unreal


  • Unreal Engine

  • Epic Games Account( needed for using Unreal Engine)

  • The set up and installation will take around an hour. Tutorial on Unreal Engine Version- 4.2.4

  • Go to Epic Games library and launch Unreal Engine

  • After the Unreal Engine is launched, select Games

  • Choose Virtual Reality option to create your project in VR

  • Choose Blueprint option to start with(it makes it easier without coding in C++)

  • Select Desktop/Console and with Starter Content and Select Create Project

  • Some shortcuts to easily navigate and work in Unreal Engine workspace-

  • Right Click- Move around

  • Right Click + w - Zoom in

  • Right Click + a - left

  • Right Click + s - zoom out

  • right click + d - right

  • right click + e - up

  • right click + q - down

  • Camera on floor is where the player will start

  • VR Pawn- represents class of player

  • Blueprint-

  • To view Blue Print, click on edit motion controllers and you can explore all actions of blueprint

Try out Motion Controller Map-

File -> Open Level -> Virtual Reality BP -> Maps -> Motion Controller Maps -> Open

You can teleport (using A/X) on Oculus and grab objects and move

To play around in VR, you'll need to launch this project in VR

  1. Boot up Steam VR

  2. Click on Launch and select VR Preview

  3. You should be able to access it through your oculus