World Machine Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Total time: ~15 min

  • Note: World Machine is available only for Windows!

  • Download Windows executable here. Note: you do not need to register or fill out your info.

  • This file will install World Machine Basic, which will have some limitations in terms of exporting resolution and other functionality.

To install on Windows:

  1. Open the Microsoft Installer package.

  2. Select the appropriate folders and features to install.

  3. Confirm your choices with 'next' and start the installation with 'install'.


When looking to add macros to the World Machine repertoire's extensive library of tools, you will need to find the Macro folder. If you don't know where the installation put this folder, there is a way to find out in World Machine itself.

  1. Go to the Macros tab on the Toolbar and click the little folder icon. This will open the Library Contents window. If you click the Explore in folder... button, World Machine will open a Windows Explorer window in the right folder. To add new macros to World Machine, copy/paste the .dev files that make up your macro inside this folder and press Refresh. This should reload the folder and your newly added macros should show up in this window.

  2. Finally, make sure to activate the new macro by checking it off!