Screen Capture in Oculus Quest 2

By George Lee


This tutorial will take you through screen capturing on the Oculus Quest 2 and transfering the files to your computer


(Adopted from these links:, )

  1. Open up the menu by clicking the Oculus button on your right controller

    1. If you are in an app you should see options to Record Video or Take Photo

    2. Alternatively you can click the Share button in the menu to pull up the sharing menu which is where you will find all of your videos and photos as well

2. When you click on either Record Video or Take Photo you will see a red dot on the top right corner

  1. For Photos, it will take a photo after 5 seconds and you will hear a click when it is done

  2. For Videos it will start recording and you have to open the menu again to stop the video

3.. You can now share this photo with "Only me" visibility to your Facebook profile and download the media from your facebook account by right clicking on the post.

4. Alternatively from point 3, once you have your videos you have to plug in your Oculus to your computer via USB and make sure you Allow data transfer in your Oculus

  1. On Windows, Oculus Go will automatically appear as a drive on your computer.

  2. On Mac, you'll need to install Android File Transfer to successfully transfer files between your Oculus go and computer.

  3. On Chromebook/Chrome OS, you'll need to use the Files app to access your Oculus Go headset.

5. You should now be able to drag and drop files to your computer

  1. Your screenshots are in Oculus -> Screenshots

  2. Your videos are in Oculus -> VideoShots