Masterpiece Studio Tutorial: Importing and Editing 3D Models

Contributed by Beatrice Hoang


This tutorial will cover importing a custom 3D OBJ model into Masterpiece Studio Pro. If you have not downloaded Masterpiece Studio Pro yet, take a look at the Download section of the Masterpiece Studio page.


  1. Make sure your model is exported as an .obj file

  2. On your computer, copy your .obj file into the Documents->MasterpieceVR->References folder.

  3. In a new sketch in the Masterpiece Studio app, make sure your menu panel is on Clay mode. Select Stamp.

  4. From the filesystem that pops up, navigate to your model inside the References folder and double click it.

  5. You will see the model appear on your dominant cursor. Size it to your liking using your dominant controller's joystick. Press the trigger to place it.

  6. Once it is placed, you can use any sculpting tools on your model as you normally would.

  7. To clean up a 3D scanned model, use the Erase tool to remove unwanted noise. The Erase tool offers a variety of tool shapes and can be easily resized using your dominant controller's joystick.

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