How to render 3-D coordinate data from CSV to Model mask

By Sayan Chakraborty


  • Installation of Paraview on your machine -- make sure you can run volume data example from in-class paraview activity before class

  • A data set (We will be finding this in class, but feel free to peruse our data types and examples for ideas)

Displaying 3-D points from CSV

  • First, open the any CSV file with 3D coordinates on them [X,Y,Z] with ParaView. You can also Drag and Drop them.

  • Now, click the box next to Add Tab Field Delimeter, if the data is seperated by a tab, followed by the commas for the x y and z axes. You then want to go to the top, click Filters-Alphabetical->Table To Points and click apply. This will make the table into points on the screen.

  • In the Properties section, it should give you an option of where to find the x,y, and z data fields. Here, click the corresponding data fields for the corresponding dimensions (x for x, y for y, etc).

  • Click on the Eyes icon next to the TableToPoints filter to make them appear on the vtk model.

  • Now, in the Properties section, make the points be size 5, and visualize them as spheres. You can now see much larger points