Reading in VR

By Yuanbo Li, 2023 Spring


Reading is a common activity in the real world, and the concept of reading in VR aims to enhance this experience by providing a transformative and immersive environment. But how to read quickly and clearly in VR? There are several challenges and considerations that need to be addressed to ensure a seamless VR reading experience.

1) the weight and comfort of the VR headset itself. While technology has advanced significantly, making headsets lighter and more ergonomic, extended periods of reading can still pose a strain on the neck and head. Manufacturers are continuously working on improving the design and distribution of weight to minimize discomfort and enable longer reading sessions.

2) the readability of text in VR. Ensuring legibility requires careful consideration of factors such as text colors and font sizes. It is essential to choose color schemes that provide sufficient contrast and avoid eye strain. Additionally, adjustable font sizes are necessary to accommodate individual preferences and visual needs, ensuring that users can comfortably read the text without any difficulty.

3) the limitations of human eyesight should be taken into account. VR technology needs to consider the range of human eyes' perceptibility, ensuring that text and visuals are rendered with clarity and precision. This includes addressing issues such as pixelation and blurriness, which can hinder reading comprehension and overall immersion.

This sections discusses several techniques in recent papers to help improve the experience of reading in VR, and their implementations. To find more about immersive reading experience, please consult Mandy's page on immersive reading. 

The following subpages discusses current researches in helping clear and speed Reading in VR from the following perspectives:

Head-fixed Text /Edge-fixed Text / World-fixed Text

text positions will have effect on overall reading experience.

Text Colors/ Fonts / Text Box: 

The parameters of the text itself will have effect on overall reading experience.

RSVP / Paragraph Reading

How text is presented to the reader will have effect on overall reading experience.

Please try this .apk to test out the VR Reading playground.

Or use this github repo.