By Paul Krupski and George Lee


Glue is a platform for collaboration that can be used to present, share content and interact together on features such as white boards, sticky notes, charts, free hand 3-D drawings and many others

System Requirements

Recommended computer hardware

  • VR users

    • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1070, GTX 1070 Ti or better

    • Processor: Current generation i7 or i5

    • Memory: 16GB or more

    • Hard drive: SSD

  • Desktop use only

    • Processor: Current generation i5 or better

    • Memory: 8GB or more

Setup and Installation


  • Manage team members

  • Import files and assets to view and work on in a collaborative space

  • Point and teleport movement mechanic

  • Virtual whiteboard that vibrates when you draw on it

  • Laser pointer

  • Multiple virtual spaces to collaborate in (9 so far)

Main Website

Multiple Download Options


  • Free

  • Professional

  • Enterprise