Mixed Reality Toolkit in Unity

By: Alejandro Romero

Last Updated: 4/11/21


MRTK-Unity is a Microsoft-driven project that provides a set of components and features, used to accelerate cross-platform MR app development in Unity.

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Core Functions and Compatibility

  • Provides the cross-platform input system and building blocks for spatial interactions and UI.

  • Enables rapid prototyping via in-editor simulation that allows you to see changes immediately.

  • Operates as an extensible framework that provides developers the ability to swap out core components.

  • Supports a wide range of platforms, including

    • OpenXR (Unity 2020.2 or newer)

      • Microsoft HoloLens 2

      • Windows Mixed Reality headsets

    • Windows Mixed Reality

      • Microsoft HoloLens

      • Microsoft HoloLens 2

      • Windows Mixed Reality headsets

    • Oculus (Unity 2019.3 or newer)

      • Oculus Quest

    • OpenVR

      • Windows Mixed Reality headsets

      • HTC Vive

      • Oculus Rift

    • Ultraleap Hand Tracking

    • Mobile devices such as iOS and Android


Example MRTK Unity Scene for Oculus Quest with Configured Settings

Core Features

  • Teleportation

  • Hand tracking support

    • Scrollable UI

    • Buttons

  • Voice Commands

  • Mesh interactions

  • Custom UI options

  • Airtap

  • Grab objects from afar with ray

Installation and Getting Started