Titans of Space

By: Elaine Jiang


Titans of Space takes you on a guided trip through our solar system. Users control the pace of the adventure, and they can choose to be completely hands off or choose to interact with the planets and moons. Information on each tour stop is displayed on your cockpit dashboard.

Installing and Running

Prerequisites: a Google Cardboard device and a smartphone (Android or iOS)

  1. Download the app here. (All you need is a Google account.)

  2. To start using Cardboard with your phone, download the Google Cardboard app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iPhone).

  3. Navigate to your library in the Google Cardboard app. You should see your newly downloaded Titans of Space app. Click the app to begin running, and place your phone in the Cardboard headset.

  4. Follow the first-time user tutorial and enjoy your tour of planets and space!

Hardware Requirements

  • Titans of Space is currently available to download here and runs on Google Cardboard.

  • Update: Titans of Space 2.0 (Early Access version) is available to download from the Oculus store, the Steam library, and Viveport.


Accessibility: Cost, hardware requirements, languages, etc.

  • Cost: FREE on Google Play; Titans 2.0 is $7.99 across all platforms.

  • Hardware requirements: The original Titans Of Space runs with Google Cardboard, making it cost-efficient to bring to classrooms. 2.0 (Early Access version) is not yet available to run on Google Cardboard.

  • Languages: supported languages are English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese (traditional and simplified)

  • Voice-over add-on: The developers of the app recently added voice-overs as an add-on feature for users to purchase.

Learning Time: How long it takes to learn how to use the software as a first-time user

  • ≈ 10 minutes: controls are very simple. Users can look around in their headset (move their heads), zoom in on things, read the tour informational captions, and move to the next tour stops.