By Paul Krupski, Shenandoah Duraideivamani, George Lee, and Kota Soda

VR Collaborative Workspace


Spatial is a virtual workspace that allows users to create lifelike avatars and work closely together sharing content and collaborating on white boards as if in an actual meeting room.

Official Resources

Official Documentation:

User Support:

Installation Guide:

Main Website:

Usable Environments

File Formats:

  • 3D: OBJ, gITF, GLB, FBX, DAE (Max 30 MB)

  • Videos: MP4 (Max 50 MB)

  • Images: PNG, JPEG, TIFF (Max 10MB)

  • Documents: .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .pdf (Max 100MB)

System/Hardware Requirements:

Hardware Compatibility:

  • AR (HoloLens, Magic Leap)

  • VR (Oculus Quest)

  • Mobile apps (iOS, Android)

  • Web app (Desktop, Mobile) (For joining meetings only)

Integration of third party applications/services:

  • Google Drive

  • Slack

  • Figma

  • OneDrive

  • Microsoft 365


Customizability: You can upload a photo scan of yourself to make the avatar ultra-realistic.

Realness: The avatars are very real to the point where they look a little bit creepy (especially because the faces are a bit emotionless).

Arm Motions: Users can see other users arm motions. There are some other easter eggs where you can make a clapping motion, and generate a celebration animation (confetti, etc.).

Software Performance

Data Visualization Summary

This software brings 3D objects videos, images, and documents into a collaborative VR realm.

Screen Sharing

Overview: Users are able to share their current desktop view to the collaborative workspace within Spatial.

Required Skillset/Experience Level: None

Object Spawning, Manipulation

Overview: Users can spawn in objects such as notes, whiteboards, and internet tabs, and they are also able to move, scale, and lock these objects in place.

Required Skillset/Experience Level: None

Integration of Webcams

Overview: Users can join in on meetings that happen in Spatial through their webcams and mobile apps.

Required Skillset/Experience Level: None

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Space (Non stationary/stationary environments):

  • Everything is accessible, even in a stationary environment. You can select far away objects through the pointer, or you can teleport to a closer location and directly interact with an object.

Moving (Continuous movement/teleportation):

  • You can move the joystick forward or backward to teleport within the space. Tilt the joystick to the left/right to pan side to side (not continuous).