Open Heritage 3D

Yifei Wang (2023 Spring)


Open Heritage 3D is a project that aims to provide open access to 3D cultural heritage datasets for education, research, and other non-commercial uses. It is a collaboration between CyArk, Google Arts & Culture, and Historic Environment Scotland. It also helps content producers to publish their 3D data with minimal technical, financial, and legal barriers.

Open Heritage 3D was developed in response to the growing need to assist with the distribution and open access of 3D data for cultural heritage documentation, while maintaining scientific rigor, respecting cultural and ethical sensitivities, enhancing discoverability, and encouraging re-use.

Some of the sites that are available on Open Heritage 3D include ancient temples, historic monuments, archaeological sites, and natural wonders. You can explore them in 3D using your web browser or download them for further analysis.

Open Heritage 3D is a valuable resource for anyone interested in exploring, studying, or preserving cultural heritage in 3D.


Open Heritage 3D provides various services to support the 3D cultural heritage community. Some of these services are:

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Open Heritage 3D is mainly available on website. You can access it through your browser.