Steam Apps for Data Visualization

Created By: Amanda Levy April 2022


It can be difficult to find VR data visualization apps that are accessible to individuals. To gain access to softwares such as Virtualitics, D6, and Immersion Analytics, individuals must fill out a request form and convince the company to get a demo. A common issue with this approach is that often this creates limits to the scope and accessibility of the software. For example, if an individual gains access to the Virtualitics platform, multiple users can create accounts, but multiple users cannot be on the software at the same time. Additionally, only one Oculus headset can be connected, and thus, a group would only be able to view the visualization by passing around a single headset (a huge restriction in terms of collaboration efforts).


After conducting research, below are some data visualization applications that are readily available on Steam. This is an evolving list.

Warning: Several of the apps are Early Access Software, which means that they may have glitches and need improvement. Many of the apps were released several years ago and maybe have different renditions currently. It is recommended to check if their applicable/compatible hardware systems have expanded because, originally, several apps could only be used on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift but not Oculus Quest 2.