Immersed Setup

By: Melvin He (Spring 2023)

1) To set up Immersed, you should first try to follow the tutorial provided on the loading screen.

2) To set up hand tracking, refer to the following wiki page for help: Meta Quest 2 Hand Tracking 

3) To set up keyboard, you may have to pair up with your Mac keyboard for any in-class activity (unless you want to try out pairing with another keyboard you can bring in). 

4) Below are three pictures featuring the setting up process. Once your controllers and keyboard configurations are set up, you should see something similar to the third screen below.

5) At this point, you should be able to see your keyboard and hands in VRNote how in the third image above,To pair up your screen with 

6) Note how in the third image above, "Computers" tab is selected and open. To pair up your screen with your VR, go to

7) You may have some popups asking you to enable settings for privacy and security. Allow Immersed to download on your mac or device. The popup shown above: "Agent Ready: In VR, select ..." should show up.

8) Select "Your's MacBook Pro" or whatever device you are using to synchronize with VR.

9) On your dashboard, you may have more info you may need such as Pairing Code and + 2 Screens (costs $$$)

10) Finally, you should be able to access your multiple screens!