VR Sketch Installations



VR Sketch is an extension for sketchUp. VR Sketch allows user to view models developed in sketchUp in VR as well as edit, move, add components,etc. collaboratively and reflects those changes automatically in sketchUp

Installation of sketch VR (You can't install it directly into quest2)-

  1. Download VR Sketch for both your laptop and quest from this link

  2. Connect your oculus with your laptop and Open Side Quest.

  3. If you don't have side Quest installed already, follow first 4 steps at this link.

  4. Drag and drop VR Sketch for oculus quest file(.apk file) into it(might need to drag it near green dot on the upper left of side Quest)

  5. Restart your oculus quest2 and click on App -> Unknown sources -> Select VR Sketch

  6. For further help or issues refer to this link