Echo VR

By Shenandoah Duraideivamani

VR Collaborative Workspace


Echo VR is a multiplayer gaming software available to all Oculus users.

Features include:

  1. Battle against other robots or AI in a zero gravity environment

  2. Intensive training to get acquainted with the different movements. (Not recommended for users with motion sickness)

  3. Play games to build team work and collaboration

  4. Stun your opponent or hitch a ride

  5. Avatar is tinted and realistic in movement (especially around the joints) in a zero gravity environment.

  6. Echo Arena and Social Lobby

  7. The Social Lobby is where players can hone their Echo Arena skills, change their character customization, find hidden props to play with, make new friends, or even hang out and chat with others

  8. Social controls like muting and ghosting.

    1. Players can now set a personal bubble to give themselves the space they need to feel comfortable in zero-g

  9. VS AI and AI Teammates are available for players looking to practice their skills or queue up with a couple of friends for casual matches

Compatibility/Available Platforms

  • Oculus Quest

  • Oculus Rift

Main Website

Quest Store


Echo VR Tutorial