Oculus Casting Tutorial

Oculus Casting Tutorial

by Michael Cosgrove

Guide to Casting with Oculus for Collaboration

This is a short guide on Casting from an Oculus Quest device. This can be used for collaboration by casting to a computer and then screen sharing with other users. For instance, you can effectively show what you see in your VR headset over Zoom, or any conferencing application with screen sharing capabilities.


  1. First, visit oculus.com/casting (you will have to sign-in on your computer if you are not signed in already).

  2. Then, you can follow the on screen instructions for casting.

3. You will see the casting button whenever you have an application open on your Oculus Quest. It will appear next to the livestreaming button in the Oculus menu bar.

4. From here you should be able to select your computer.

5. Finally, you can share your browser menu on whatever desktop application you are using!

Feedback on Collaborating with Oculus Casting

Overall, this is good for a classroom environment, especially when only one person has a VR headset working. For instance, if an app for an in-class activity is not working for some people, it can be helpful to at least have one person share their screen so others can see what the experience is like.