Slicer vR

Interacting with Slicer Models in VR

By Alejandro Romero


Slicer VR is an open-source extension for 3D Slicer allowing users to interact with and edit volumetrically rendered meshes in VR.

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Core Features

  • View all content of the 3D viewers in Slicer

  • Align the headset's view to match viewpoint of the selected 3D view in Slicer

  • Show volumes as 2D image slices or volume rendering, render surfaces, points, etc.

  • View any 4D data sets, using any rendering technique (including volume rendering)

  • Fly tool allows navigation through scene

  • Grab and reposition objects

  • Translate, rotate, scale the world (all objects)

  • Advanced volume rendering performance tuning to find good balance between image quality and refresh rate

  • Make position of controllers available as transforms in the Slicer scene

    • Controller transforms can be used in custom modules to reslice volumes (using Volume Reslice Driver module in SlicerIGT extension) or transform any nodes in Slicer scene


  • OS: Windows

  • Headsets: HTC Vive, WindowsMR, Oculus (Rift + Quest), all other OpenVR compatible headsets



Accessibility: How user-friendly is the software?

  • A little hard to use, if unfamiliar with Slicer

  • Good documentation

Power: The engine's power - i.e. how much one can do with this

  • Not amazingly powerful

  • Allows user to view scene, but may experience latency

Usage: Evaluation of software's effectiveness in certain use cases

  • Allows users to view and evaluate medical imaging in VR

  • Can interact with slice images to place things like ROIs (regions of interest)

  • Single-user experience