Aakansha Mathur (03/16/2022)


A capable molecular viewer and prototyping platform built in the Unity game engine.


Instaling UnityMol on Oculus Quest 2-

  • Instructions on how to download and install software on Quest 2

Download and Open Dataset-

  • Instructions on opening datasets, using command line and downloading data from UnityMol

Data Sources/Format

It loads a variety of molecular formats (PDB, mmCIF, GRO, Mol2, XYZ and SDF files, OpenDX potential maps, XTC trajectory files) and provides efficient molecular visualization via hardware accelerated rendering.

VR Controls

Instructions on how to navigate through UnityMol can be found here.


Single User

Allow you to edit and work in your workspace independently.

Minimum System Requirements (VR Mode)

OS: Windows 10 and MAC

GPU: GTX 1080 Ti

CPU: Intel i5-4590


VR Headset: HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Samsung, Odyssey and Windows Mixed Reality




Accessibility: The estimated time for someone to load and start visualizing data in VR

  • Beginner: No coding or graphics experience | < 2 hour

  • Intermediate: Some coding or graphics experience | < 1 hour

  • Advanced: Both coding and graphics experience | < 30mins

  • Expert: A lot of experience with VR visualization | < 30mins

  • Takeaway:

  • The application is actively maintained and provides advances features for structure analysis and MD simulation analysis.

  • Some of the features does face some lag in Virtual reality but it does provide with multiple features to easily understand the data.

  • Power: The engine's power- i.e. how much once can do with this

    • Medium- The software provides various features but lags in VR mode while using few features. The scope of the application is limited to biochemistry.

Usage: Evaluation of software's use for the following purposes

  • Display and Analysis of Structures

  • Viewing of Molecular Structure


Personal Use/Academic/Government/Non-profit (Free)

  • Access all the available features and work independently.