Laila Gamaleldin, April 2021


Arthur is a VR collaborative workspace application that lets teams collaborate remotely using headsets. The app is quite user-friendly, with an intuitive design and plentiful but non-obtrusive tutorials.


  • Users can get 1 room for free for their team. A free room can accommodate 10 users at a time.

  • For additional rooms or more premium ones, users can pick from a variety of options all of which retail for $15/month/person.


  • Pan with joystick and teleport around


  • Users have the option to create an avatar while signing up. The 3D avatar is generated based on a 2D image uploaded by the user and can therefore have an unacanny valley effect.

Free Room Features

  • Fully customizable room and furniture arrangements depending on current needs

    • The premium package includes dedicated workshop and team spaces

  • Collaborative whiteboards

  • Portal for uploading files from your laptop into your headset

  • Sticky note and annotation tools

  • Text labels

  • 3D object creation and manipulation

  • Timers

Compatibility/Available Platforms

  • VR (Oculus Quest)

  • Web app (Desktop, Mobile)

Main Website


Download the application from the Oculus Quest store and follow the instructions on the screen.